The Taming of the Stolen Lands

A note for the leaders
What the Druid has been doing.

I’m planning to spend some time making preparations to beautify the countryside. I hope that my efforts will enhance travel in and through our kingdom. I intend to send my minions to the highways and byways planting trees. I will be aiding them by enhancing the tree’s growth. I also intend to prepare some small groves of trees that are to be protected, in or near each of our towns. These trees will be placed to shade the roads, and to give weary travelers a place to rest. In the future I hope to make dedicated “Rest Areas” by the side of the roads.

Another reason for this project is that when the trees are mature enough, they will aid my travels through the kingdom. Eventually I will gain skills to aid the travel of others.

Also during this project I will be taking some time to myself. I believe that it is Erastil’s will that I begin a family. It is something I was hoping to put off until I could settle down more. However the kingdom’s rapid growth and constant needs show me that there is no time like the present. I will have to make time for a family rather than waiting for time to come to me. With Erastil’s blessing I will find a strong and understanding woman to care for our family while I improve the lands for our family and our kingdom.


Journal Entries Found in the Forest

Met the other people who answered the charter today. They worry me a bit. I think they may be too violent to be around. The dwarf seems easy going. The Orcish Monk is a bit less disciplined than I expected. The man of god comes and goes as god wills. The mage is a very determined sort. He has the fire of exploration in his heart. He is very set on going as fast as possible all the time. He chafes at the restrictions of what horses can carry, and the needs of a large group exploring.

[Several pages are blurred by water and time.]

Today I rejoiced. The group is living up to my expectations. We returned a repentant bandit prisoner to Oleg’s. Kesten beheaded him in front of us. To a man we all expressed displeasure at his actions. I hope he now understands how to treat prisoners. Our mage surprised me the most. I thought he was the most bloodthirsty of the others. He was the most outspoken with Kesten.

[More blurred pages]

Our group is in mourning. We knew the fight with the Stag Lord would be tough, but it was more costly than we expected. Our mage died. The Stag Lord surprised us from the rear and felled him with one shot. I think our group is in agreement. We plan to find a cleric who can raise our fallen comrade. He seems the sort not willing to ride the wheel of reincarnation. I hope everyone will allow me to travel ahead with his body to Jhod Kavken. My hope is that Jhod can preserve the body until we can bring him back. I thought we could travel to the Temple of the Elk and pray to Erastil. Perhaps an offering like this new helm from the Stag Lord would please him.

I hope that this event underscores the danger present in this land. I hope our group will reflect on these events and prepare wills or other notes to let us know what to do after they are gone.


Why in the world I’m writing this I don’t know. Some crazy god-like entity told me I was suposed to, so while I have the time I figure there can be no harm in it.

I continue to mediate and train, and the past patterns seem to continue. I am constantly the target of these crazy adventurers projectile skills/weapons. First, I’m knocked unconcious, staggered, and blinded for an entire battle by our resident wizard. Then, just recently, our dwarf had joined the fun, and I’m pelted by the shrapnel from his bomb when he misses frigging spiders. I think the darn dwarf was drunk so I poured out the rest of the beer he had onto the ground as soon as the battle was over. Of course he had to go and save me later so I figure I owe him some.

We’ve done a ton of exploration, I continue to mediate and train, and I learn day by day. My master would be glad.


Journal Entry 1

To anyone that happens across this writing and decides to read it:

Its the 20th of Pharast. Again. What’s the year again? These young lads have some spunk, to drive and pursue mushrooms, little dragon men, and bugs.

Pardon the blotches, this ale keeps jumping from my mug.

And before the end of the night, I salute those fallen and pour one for them. They be mixin and sippin somewhere.


Letter to Marco 1

Dear Marco,

The journey to Oleg’s Trading Post was uneventful, but the weather was terrible. I met some interesting people here, but I suppose that’s what traveling is all about. Most interesting is a dwarf alchemist—I wonder if we can work together on some brew in this place. Oleg is a sour sort, but he is obviously glad to have some company in this dangerous land. No one has commented on my difficulty with speech in battle, although I suppose they have their own problems.

I got my opportunity to help the people of this land almost immediately. Bandits seem to be as rampant as I had heard, and I defeated a group of them extorting money out of Oleg with help from others who have come with a charter. This is where my story gets a little grim. We decided to make an assault on the bandit camp to prevent retaliation from the remaining thugs. We won handily, and caught the leader of the camp, a distasteful woman named Kressle. However, more bandits attacked when were searching the camp. They freed the woman and she proceeded to gravely wound me with a pair of axes! I felt the life slipping out of me, but I was saved by the quick action of my companions. This is not a fortuitous beginning to my expedition here. It seems the gods are still with me, but they are determined to make me work for my success.

Your friend, Leb


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