The Taming of the Stolen Lands

A note for the leaders

What the Druid has been doing.

I’m planning to spend some time making preparations to beautify the countryside. I hope that my efforts will enhance travel in and through our kingdom. I intend to send my minions to the highways and byways planting trees. I will be aiding them by enhancing the tree’s growth. I also intend to prepare some small groves of trees that are to be protected, in or near each of our towns. These trees will be placed to shade the roads, and to give weary travelers a place to rest. In the future I hope to make dedicated “Rest Areas” by the side of the roads.

Another reason for this project is that when the trees are mature enough, they will aid my travels through the kingdom. Eventually I will gain skills to aid the travel of others.

Also during this project I will be taking some time to myself. I believe that it is Erastil’s will that I begin a family. It is something I was hoping to put off until I could settle down more. However the kingdom’s rapid growth and constant needs show me that there is no time like the present. I will have to make time for a family rather than waiting for time to come to me. With Erastil’s blessing I will find a strong and understanding woman to care for our family while I improve the lands for our family and our kingdom.




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