Bonus XP

Adventure Logs

One way of gaining bonus XP is to post an adventure log. The amount of XP received for posting an adventure log is equal to one half of an individual quest reward. Subsequent logs are worth one of half of the amount of XP their predecessors are worth (i.e., the first log while in module 4 is worth 1,600 XP, the second is worth 800 XP, and so on). This count resets when a character gains a level.

For example, suppose that someone posts two adventure logs, gains a level, and then posts three more. He would receive 1,600 XP, 800 XP, 1,600 XP, 800 XP, and finally 400 XP. If he posts another log before leveling again, he would receive 200 XP.


If the party provides a treasurer, they will receive additional XP equal to 5% of a quest reward the first time the list of party holdings is updated online between sessions.

Bonus XP

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