Class Changes

Arcane Archer

Ignore the “Race: Elf or half-elf.” line in the requirements. It is not intended that any class in Pathfinder have a racial requirement.


When using a monk weapon, monks may choose to deal their unarmed strike damage in place of the regular damage of the weapon. When they do so, the weapon is treated as having a crit range of 20/×2 and no special properties (such as tripping).

Monks do not have alignment restrictions. For their 10th-level Ki Pool ability, treat their attacks as lawful/chaotic/good/evil as appropriate.


Only Erastil, Iomedea, Torage, Sarenrae, and Abadar have paladin orders devoted to them in Golarion. Paladins dedicated to Shelyn or Ironi may be found in the world, but they are independent. There are no orders dedicated to those deities.

Class Changes

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