Combat Maneuvers

Dirty Tricks

To clarify how dirty tricks works, the target may clear the status effect at any time regardless of the duration. If he does, it costs a move action, or standard action if the attacker has the appropriate feats. After the duration has expired, it is a free action to clear the effect, and the target is assumed to have done so.


Constrict damage happens immediately upon a successful grapple check (per James Jacobs).

Coup de Grace (Nonlethal Damage)

If you deal nonlethal damage while delivering a coup de grace, the target is knocked unconscious for 1d4 rounds upon a failed Fortitude save (DC 10 + damage dealt). For every 5 by which the target fails the save, the target is unconscious 1 additional minute.


As a rule of thumb for ranged attacks, I will consider one or two lines traced from your chosen corner being blocked as partial cover; three as cover; and four as total cover or improved cover provided that you still have line of effect to the target (e.g. the target is behind an arrow slit).

Melee generally won’t be able to benefit from partial cover except in certain situations such as when the target is behind a low wall. This is due to the fact that they have to trace lines from all of their corners to all of the target’s corners.

I also want to remind people about soft cover. Unlike 4e, all creatures are eligible to provide cover to the target. This means that shooting into melee while you are behind a party member who is engaged in melee with the target grants a +4 AC bonus to the target and gives you a −4 penalty to shoot him.


Before you act in battle, you are flat-footed. This is not a rules change, but I think I’ve been forgetting about this rule.

Item Damage

I will be observing the rules for damaging objects on a critically failed save. These rules were present in 3.5e as well, but no game I played in or ran observed them.

Massive Damage

The rules for massive damage described on p. 189 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook are in effect.

Monster Hit Points

All monster hit dice will be rolled without taking the average except for monsters with PC classes. Monsters with PC classes will use the same method for determining hit points that PCs use.

Spell Areas

Spells that affect an area with a burst (e.g., grenade like effects) cover a burst. This is different from how I’ve been handling Wilbur’s grenade effect. For details see p. 214–215 in the Core Rulebook.


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