To deal with the problem of poisons taking a ridiculous amount of time to craft, the following feat is now available.

Craft Poison

Prerequisites: Craft (poisonmaking) 3 ranks

Benefit: You can create poison. The maximum number of doses of poison you can have brewing at any one time is equal to your rank in Craft (poisonmaking). Brewing a batch of poison (of any amount up to this maximum) takes 1 day for each 1,000 gp in the poison’s per-dose price. (Depending on the GM, some special or particularly rare poisons can take much longer to brew.) To create poison, you must use up raw materials costing one half of the total price of poison to be brewed, and must make a Craft (poisonmaking) check (DC = the poison’s save DC). If you fail the Craft (poisonmaking) check by 5 or more, you have accidentally exposed yourself to the poison.

Special: If you have the Poison Use ability, you don’t poison yourself if you fail a Craft (poisonmaking) check by 5 or more.

Alchemists receive this feat as a bonus feat at level 2 and may substitute Craft (alchemy) in place of Craft (poisonmaking).


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