Using Alternate Abilities with Skills

Based on how you describe your actions, I may ask you to add a different ability score than the standard one. An example of what I have in mind can be found in a comment made by Lizard_SF on this article. My hope is that this will result in more descriptive play from the players when their PCs use a skill.

…the half orc who breaks a heavy axe handle in half would add the bonus to his Strength (to Intimidate); the elf who calmly and casually discusses exactly how to cause a man excruciating pain without letting him die would add it to Intelligence, and the human who just engages in a good ol’ staredown adds it to Charisma.
h2. Disable Device

As written, Disable Device requires the check to be made secretly when disarming a trap or other device. Given that trap DCs aren’t generally known in advance by the players, I don’t think this is really necessary.


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