The Taming of the Stolen Lands

Letter to Marco 1

Dear Marco,

The journey to Oleg’s Trading Post was uneventful, but the weather was terrible. I met some interesting people here, but I suppose that’s what traveling is all about. Most interesting is a dwarf alchemist—I wonder if we can work together on some brew in this place. Oleg is a sour sort, but he is obviously glad to have some company in this dangerous land. No one has commented on my difficulty with speech in battle, although I suppose they have their own problems.

I got my opportunity to help the people of this land almost immediately. Bandits seem to be as rampant as I had heard, and I defeated a group of them extorting money out of Oleg with help from others who have come with a charter. This is where my story gets a little grim. We decided to make an assault on the bandit camp to prevent retaliation from the remaining thugs. We won handily, and caught the leader of the camp, a distasteful woman named Kressle. However, more bandits attacked when were searching the camp. They freed the woman and she proceeded to gravely wound me with a pair of axes! I felt the life slipping out of me, but I was saved by the quick action of my companions. This is not a fortuitous beginning to my expedition here. It seems the gods are still with me, but they are determined to make me work for my success.

Your friend, Leb



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