The Taming of the Stolen Lands


Why in the world I’m writing this I don’t know. Some crazy god-like entity told me I was suposed to, so while I have the time I figure there can be no harm in it.

I continue to mediate and train, and the past patterns seem to continue. I am constantly the target of these crazy adventurers projectile skills/weapons. First, I’m knocked unconcious, staggered, and blinded for an entire battle by our resident wizard. Then, just recently, our dwarf had joined the fun, and I’m pelted by the shrapnel from his bomb when he misses frigging spiders. I think the darn dwarf was drunk so I poured out the rest of the beer he had onto the ground as soon as the battle was over. Of course he had to go and save me later so I figure I owe him some.

We’ve done a ton of exploration, I continue to mediate and train, and I learn day by day. My master would be glad.




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